Achieve Fast, Reliable Cures with LED and UV Curing Conveyor Systems

Hanarey conveyor systems offer consistent, fast, and safe cures of UV and LED curable adhesives, coatings, and inks. These conveyors consist of a moving belt that passes through a chamber area with curing lamps mounted above and/or on each side for fast component curing.

Light curing conveyor systems offer consistent line transport speed, adjustable lamp height, and stable lamp intensity to provide light curing for repeatable processing and optimized throughput. These UV cure ovens also eliminate stray light, while utilizing some of the highest intensity curing on the market.



Product NumberDescription
CC-200 UV Light-Curing Conveyor Systems30-cm conveyor system with multiple Lamp and part clearance options. Designed for curing UV light-curable adhesives, resins, inks, and coatings. Lamp options allow for matching intensity requirements to minimize operating costs. Standard height clearance is 10 cm; optional risers increase clearance to either 15 or 25 cm.
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