LED Flood-Curing Systems

High-intensity LED flood-curing systems generate curing energy using LEDs instead of conventional metal-halide or mercury-arc lamps.  They are used for high-speed, depth and fullness of cure of large areas.  Flood-curing systems can be coupled with a full suite of accessories.  These units can be used as bench-top systems or be integrated into conveyors and larger machines.  Curing with LEDs results in cooler substrate temperatures compared to traditional conventional arc lap systems, making them ideal for curing thermally sensitive materials.  Hanarey LED-curing systems offer many energy and cost saving benefits, such as no warm-up period, lower energy consumption, no bulbs to change, and more consistent frequency and intensity output for better process control.


Key Advantages of LED Light-Curing Technology

  • High electrical efficiency and instant on/off capability for lower operational costs
  • Long service life that eliminates bulb replacement and reduces maintenance costs
  • Narrow wavelength spectral emissions that minimize substrate thermal rise
  • Compact unit footprint that reduces workspace requirements and cost of the system
  • Consistent frequency and intensity output for better process control
  • “Green” attributes that eliminate mercury and ozone safety risks and disposal handling costs


Product NumberDescription
FE-225 LED Flood-Curing SystemsHigh-intensity, large area system for speed, depth, and fullness of cure. System provides best cure by combining intensities of over 2 W/cm2 with 5″ x 5″ (127 mm x 127 mm) curing area and high uniformity. Comprised of a controller and up to two LED emitters.
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