Why Hanarey?

A friendly and cooperative team

The Hanarey team respects and motivates each other to bring their best each day so that we can do our best work for our customers.

A work environment that embraces diversity

Hanarey is committed to equal opportunity in employment of qualified individuals regardless of race, color, religious creed, age, sex, marital status, including civil union status, and same sex union marriage status, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, mental retardation, learning disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, or any other legally protected class in accordance with all applicable laws. This commitment extends to all employment decisions including, but not limited to, recruiting, hiring, promotion, training, compensation, discipline and discharge, and to all terms, benefits, privileges, and conditions of employment. Discrimination in violation of this policy is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Talent Development, offering a combination of global and local training resources

We know our success depends on our people, so we provide the support, global and regional resources to help them grow. We offer paid training for personal development including tuition sponsor programs.

Incentive mechanism combining performance and timely recognition incentive program

We believe that managing and recognizing performance is critical. Every employee’s contribution plays an important role in the success of our organization. Therefore, we reward individual contributions to Hanarey’s strategic goals. At the same time, we believe that timely recognition at work is equally vital. We encourage and recognize employees who demonstrating excellence in 5 focused roles, those most impactful being behaviors needed to overcome work design barriers. For details, please refer to the detailed rules updated annually.

Unique humanized benefits

In addition to the regular benefit (social insurance, housing fund, commercial insurance, annual health checkup, festival gifts, team buildings on work days etc.) and paid leave, we provide childcare leave, additional paid travel leave (long-distance marriage and bereavement, etc.), and corresponding time off for weekend business trip on-the-way etc.

Our Core Values

Customer Advocate

Fosters strong, positive relationships with customers, both internally and externally. Listens to and understands our customer’s needs and ensures delivery of quality products and services.

Results Driver

Acts with honesty, integrity, and determination to meet or exceed goals and objectives in positive outcomes and tangible achievements.

Team Collaborator

Demonstrates willingness to collaborate cross-functionally, respecting each team member and leveraging individual talents, expertise, and resources for collective growth and continuous improvement.

Quality Champion

Strives to get things right the first time by proactively maintaining and enhancing quality standards. Seeks feedback, addresses emerging issues and solves to root cause to foster a culture of excellence.

Excellence Enabler

Relentless commitment to continuous improvement and innovation of our technologies, skills and understanding. Courage to respectfully challenge and evolve beyond the status quo. Driving towards best practices.

Five fundamental policies relating to ethical conduct

  • Truthfulness and Openness
  • Appropriate Use of Company Resources
  • Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest
  • Assuring Health, Safety and Environmental Integrity
  • Basic Fairness in All Dealings

Join Us

Job opportunities

If you have an innovative spirit, strive for excellence, are customer-focused, and results-oriented, then we encourage you to apply. When you join our team, you’ll see more that why our employees choose to stay with us for the long term.

We look forward to getting to know you, your joining and creating a win-win situation with the company.

Internship opportunities

Interns will be supervised and mentored by full-time Hanarey staff. The internship will reflect the real business challenges that Hanarey faces and the work of full-time employees. Based on current business conditions, we aim to provide as many opportunities as possible for qualified interns to be employed full-time.

Kindly send the applied position and CV to Hanarey HR

About Hanarey

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