As a fresh new brand with focus on China, Hanarey conveys the fast turn-around time and dynamic approach that has become synonymous with Chinese economy. Agile means, that Hanarey can adjust swiftly to changing needs of our customers and the market overall. Agile also reflects our products’ performance such as fast curing times. As a newcomer with strong industry backing, Hanarey can credibly claim agility as a key element over competitors that are held back by their long history and complex corporate structure.


Hanarey is committed to strong R&D and follow the strategy to develop own Intellectual Property in and for China but also fitting an international level. In contrast to the past, China is now a hotbed for innovation with talents and resources abound. Hanarey captures this spirit and translates it into a compelling business advantage.

Eco-Friendly and Human

The Chemical Industry is changing. While business success and improved technical results were the dominant drivers for many decades, we now emphasize the importance of the environment and social responsibility. Hanarey is serious about agile innovation but not at the expense of our planet. As an employer, Hanarey treats people with the same respect.

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