Faster, Stronger Bonds for Camera Module Assembly

Hanarey adhesives are ideal for use in the assembly of camera modules used in cell phones, automobiles, LiDAR and industrial camera systems.

The adhesives are moisture- and thermal-cycle resistant to address the low shrinkage requirements necessary for these assemblies and cure in seconds, providing superior adhesion to substrates found in precision optical applications.



Product NumberFeatures/ApplicationsNominal Viscosity, cPDurometer HardnessTensile at Break, psiElongation at Break, %
  • Medium viscosity
  • Designed for bonding glass cover lens to touch panel sensor, touch panel assembly to LCD module in mobile devices, tablets and displays
  • Cures fast with exposure to UV light or 365nm/405nm LED
CSE9945 (testing)
  • Optically clear adhesive as DAM material for optical lamination application
  • High viscosity, optically clear, one-part material
  • Refractive index matching liquid for tablet display and inner layer of equipment, or liquid optical clear filler
  • Cures fast with exposure to UV light or 365nm/405nm LED
CSE10194 (testing)
  • Optically clear with medium viscosity
  • Good weather resistance
  • Good adhesion for COC Bonding with ultra low shrinkage
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